Rich Lynch is a singer-songwriter and rock musician writing songs for the past three decades. But, he's only just embarked on a journey of officially releasing his music to the world. Bookmark this site to stay up-to-date on the back catalogue of RLB songs soon scheduled to see the light of day via digital distribution.

• March 2017 - NASHVILLE ROCKER RICH LYNCH REMEMBERS UFO CULT'S RIDE INTO HEAVEN WITH "KINGDOM TONIGHT"!!! In 2003, two friends and musicians from Ringwood, New Jersey set out to tell the tragic and bizarre story of the Heaven's Gate incident. The musical collaboration between John Sheehan ( and the Rich Lynch Band ( resulted in the dark and dramatic "Kingdom Tonight" which drew upon both performer's love of the classic rock genre. The track was originally a workshop exercise in songwriting but now as the 20th anniversary of the "ride to heaven" approaches the pair have decided to officially release it to the world via digital distribution.

"Kingdom Tonight" Song Page
"Kingdom Tonight" Press Release

• December 2016 - NASHVILLE ROCKER RICH LYNCH PENS ANTHEM FOR STANDING ROCK MOVEMENT!!! We have recorded our very first song in Nashville and it has officially been released on December 01, 2016! Inspired by the events at Standing Rock this is our most powerful effort to date. There was an evening a few weeks back when the idea for this track appeared fully formed in Rich's head as he tried to sleep. He decided he needed to pull a page out of Neil Young's book and release a track for this very important and relevant cause. For the foreseeable future 50 percent of ALL sales from our complete catalogue of songs will be donated to the organizations helping organize the encampment at Oceti Sakowin. Please help spread the word!

"You Can't Push Over a Standing Rock" Song Page
"You Can't Push Over a Standing Rock" Press Release

• April 2016 - RICH LYNCH RECORDS PATRIOTS' DAY FOR AMERICAN REVOLUTION!!! Nashville rocker Rich Lynch returns with a second new track in 2016 as his latest digital single "Patriots' Day" celebrates and popularizes one of America's lesser-known holidays. Lynch says, "Historically, it recalls the American Revolution but it's also about the race we all run if life. If we're lucky, we'll be victorious in the end!" Check out the full story behind "Patriot's Day" at the links below!

"Patriots' Day" Song Page
"Patriots' Day" Press Release

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